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Importance Of Fiber In A Diet And Where To Find It

Importance Of Fiber In A Diet And Where To Find It

Why eat fiber?

Improved Digestion:

Fiber is a part of our diet that is mostly derived from plants. The fact that fiber does not gets broken down by the acids in our stomach is a helpful thing. It is helpful because it pushes the rest of the food down the digestive tract and in turn, helps digestion. Insufficient fiber is the major reason for constipation and some severe diseases like colon cancer.

Weight Loss:

A sense of fullness, that's what it gives you. The leaner body requires more of fiber intake. Soluble fiber, in particular, resists fat gain, as stated in a study at Georgia state university. Fiber detoxicates the digestive tract and removes unhealthy fats. The insoluble fiber makes things pass out of the intestines quicker and reduces the time that harmful chemicals from the adulterated food stay in your body. The sooner they are out of your system, the lesser the harm from them. This also helps in losing weight because the unhealthy fats go out before they get to act on your body. 

Lower Cholesterol:

The soluble kind of fiber is the one responsible for bringing down the cholesterol levels in the body. Whenever you consume fiber, your risk of heart disease significantly as per several studies. This is due to the fact that fiber absorbs all the extra cholesterol in the body and removes it from the intestines so that it does not go and sit in the arteries. 

Foods rich in fiber:

1. Carrots:

The versatile Carrots are not only a great source of Vitamin-C but also very rich in Fiber. It is very easy to have some fresh Carrot strips for the mid-afternoon hunger pang. It can prove to be a great alternative to the usually processed junk that we have for snacks.

2. Lentils:

Lentils are very filling when you have it for lunch or dinner. Especially with a heavy dose of fiber in it, lentils become a top favorite for those who are going for a high-fiber diet as a means to lose weight or to gain muscle.

3. Oats:

A good breakfast option if you don't feel like having veggies or pulses for fiber in the morning. Oats give a lightweight alternative breakfast that provides high fiber at the same time.

4. Chickpeas:

Whether it's for the dinner accompaniment or for salad, the ever-popular chickpeas is a great fiber source. Though high in calories, it does the job of filling you even if you have a small quantity.

5. Almonds:

Good for snacking throughout the day and known for its multiple benefits, Almonds is a tasty dry fruit and an easy fiber source. Put pieces of it in milk or eat it raw, add it to your dessert or salad, go crazy with the numerous ways of eating this.: 

6. Whole Grain Bread:

Whole grain bread or Brown bread is the single biggest transformation you have to bring in your diet if you have not already done it. The typical bread made from multi-purpose flour is the most unhealthy habit that people have got used to. A simple change to this habit can really cut down on the calories and give you some well-needed fiber.

7. Chaga Mushroom:

1 serving of Chaga mushroom contains 5 grams of fiber. It is almost all fiber, to be honest. Make it part of your diet by supplementing it into your teas, smoothies or just have it with your salad. 

Hope this article broke some myths for you. For example, if you thought that veggies are a mandatory source of fiber. And if you care about your bowel health along with maintaining weight there is no way around fiber-rich food. So, find your favorite sources of fiber and make some lifestyle changes to switch to high-fiber nutrition today!




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