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USDA Certified Organic Golden Milk Powder with Vitamin D3, K2 and Nine Superfoods

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WHILE OTHER GOLDEN MILK POWDERS ARE NOT certified organic or formulated with just 2-3 spices, our golden milk with turmeric and ginger, and 6 other superfoods including the prebiotic Artichoke and clinically tested KSM66 Ashwagandha is certified USDA organic.

DELICIOUS GOLDEN MILK SUPER BLEND : Use our golden milk powder with turmeric and ginger to make your own delicious recipe including Moon milk, turmeric latte, golden milk tea, turmeric milk, ginger turmeric tea, golden milk latte or turmeric tea.

MANUFACTURED IN USA AT A GMP CERTIFIED FACILITY: Our Golden milk powder is certified organic, Non-GMO and made without gluten, preservatives and dairy. Teaveli’s golden milk is manufactured at a GMP certified facility in the USA.

KETO-FRIENDLY, VEGAN AND NON-GMO GOLDEN MILK FORMULA: Our Organic Golden Milk Powder is a Keto-friendly and vegan-friendly turmeric herbal supplement and turmeric latte mix. Each bottle packs in 30 servings of powerful and proven superfoods including Ashwagandha, Coconut water, Cinnamon bark, Holy Basil, Black pepper, Artichoke and Turmeric with Ginger that support a healthy immune system*, healthy joints* and promote restful sleep.

60 DAYS SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We support all of our products with a 60-days 100% refund guarantee. Whether you are taking them for extensive nutritional support or to add to your green smoothie, we are sure you will love the product. If you are unhappy with your purchase, write to us with your order number to get a refund.

Customer Reviews

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Marlon Angel
Here's my take on Teaveli's Golden Milk Powder!

After trying Teaveli's Organic Golden Milk Powder, I'm impressed by its delicious taste. The powder has a pleasant aroma and mixes smoothly, especially with almond milk. I wholeheartedly recommend it.

Reflecting on my experience with Teaveli's Golden Milk Powder

Hello everyone! I recently tested Teaveli's Organic Golden Milk Powder, and it has truly transformed my bedtime regimen! I'm impressed by its USDA certification, containing nine superfoods, Vitamins D3 & K2, and being gluten, dairy, and sugar-free—perfect for my dietary needs.

Preparing it is effortless—just mix a serving into your preferred milk (I opt for almond milk), froth, heat, and enjoy! This warm, soothing cup has noticeably improved my sleep quality when consumed about 30 minutes before bed.

I'm particularly pleased that it supports restful sleep and a balanced inflammatory response, all while being manufactured in the USA and tested for heavy metals. It's now a nightly essential for me, and I highly suggest trying it if you want a delicious way to unwind and enhance sleep!

Rebecca Kostelnik
The taste is unpleasant.

I'd suggest exploring alternative sources for vitamin D and these ingredients, as the taste of this product is quite unpleasant. If there's a possibility of returning it, I would do so, as I feel like I've wasted twenty dollars.

Katie P
The taste is crucial—make sure to check it!

The taste is this powder reminded me of cinnamon on toast when I was a child! The Turmeric in it was not overpowering at all like some others I’ve had. It was absolutely fantastic!

The golden milk powder is an excellent product.

This powder is delightful when mixed with warm milk and has fantastic effects on my body! I appreciate its easy dissolvability, pleasant aroma, seamless blending in liquid, and organic nature. I highly recommend it!

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Organic Golden Milk Powder with Vitamins D3, K2 and Nine Superfoods | Supports Health Bones and Restful Sleep– Teaveli


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