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The origin of Teaveli was inspired by nature and driven by our vision to deliver the world's safest and cleanest superfoods in the most transparent way possible. Our guiding principles are to only use the safest and most scientifically proven ingredients, with every ingredient transparently listed on our labels.

When an ingredient's safety is in question, Teaveli chooses to forego it entirely. This commitment has extended to our own vitamin formulations since day one.

Our truly clean products are vegan-friendly and made without gluten, dairy, GMO, artifical flavors, colors and the most common allergens. Our promise of safety and quality means our products are regularly tested in ISO Certified third-party labs for microorganisms and heavy metals. Whether it's our organic wheat or barley grass juice powders harvested in the mineral-rich soil of Utah, or our antioxidant-loaded Spirulina Chlorella capsules, we believe the most powerful superfoods can be found at the intersection of ancient wisdom and modern science.

When you're ready to experience the safest, cleanest, and most transparent path to sustainable nutrition, Teaveli is here to be your trusted guide and reliable source for long-term health.



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