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What to Eat for A Clear And Shiny Skin?

What to Eat for A Clear And Shiny Skin?

One of the most commonly asked questions about skin today is - How to keep my skin looking fresh all the time?

The answer is as simple as this old line from Amanda Seyfried - "I have to feel good on the inside to look glamorous on the outside!".

Unless we keep ourselves clean on the inside, we can't keep up with the fresh look on the outside. There are 2 parts to feeling good- Firstly, the mental state of the person and secondly the food that he or she consumes.

We will focus on the second part today. Here are a few tips to incorporate skin-friendly food in your daily diet:

1. Antioxidant-rich food

Antioxidants have been known to help anti-aging in every traditional medicine that has ever existed. Wrinkles and marks on the skin are due to inflammation, which can be internally controlled by consuming enough anti-oxidants. Nothing detoxifies the body like a fresh cup of organic tea first thing in the morning.

Several berries, nuts, and organic teas can do the job. Certain products in the market are available with a bouquet of super-rich anti-oxidants. A typical Organic Mushroom Complex Supplement supports powerful health boosts including detoxification.

2. Sun-blocking food

"If you don't want to damage your skin, don't step out between 10 am to 4 pm in the day." - we have all heard this a lot from our parents and elders. But is it practical in today's times? Many of us have a lifestyle that demands us to be out at any given time of the day. So, how do we reduce the damage to the skin? Again let's address the internal solution, not the external one(sunblock creams, etc).

Apart from drinking a lot of water, what one could do is consume melanin-rich foods like whole milk, cheese, eggs, and some medicinal mushrooms. Chaga Mushroom Powder has high melanin content that aids protect skin from sun day in and day out. Add it to your smoothies and get that much-needed hydration during the summer.


3. Stress-averting food

Stress is the most common enemy of a healthy skin. Philosophically a shift to positive perspective will help you recover in a big way but until then supplement it with one of these Stress relieving comfort foods. No, we are not going to direct you to high-calorie Chocolates, but instead some healthy alternatives like green leafy vegetables, carrots, milk, and yogurt. 

Golden Milk is one such favorite comfort drink that you have to try. It is not only a great supplement to aid bust stress but it might be instant support for better sleep and not forget the injury healing qualities of turmeric in golden milk.


4. Anti-aging food

Green Tea may be good for diminishing Brown spots which come across as patches under the eyes or certain other parts of the body. Pomegranates are another anti-aging food for getting rid of the fine lines. This includes the so-called irritating smile lines that people tend to get around the side of lips and cheeks due to loose skin during smiling.

For firming up your skin you have to try Olive oil, which by the way, also helps in reducing the growth of unwanted hair. If you haven't already tried the Chaga mushroom tea, get to it, because the mushroom in many forms may help in anti-aging just as well as any of the famous green teas.

5. Collagen-rich food

 Collagen is something that is extensively found in skin connective tissue. This means that an increase in collagen will lead to firmer skin. A firm skin leads to reduced wrinkles and fine lines. Type 1 collagen is found in several of skin supplements. Take in all the red and orange fruits or vegetables to consume this amino acid-rich ingredient called Collagen.

Red tomatoes, strawberries, Beetroot or berries are rich in Collagen. Oranges, Lemons, and Bananas are no less. If you are non-vegetarian, Turkey can be consumed for reaping the benefits of the Collagen in it as well.

If you are not inspired yet to try one of these natural remedies that heal your skin from inside, write to us at with your ideas. We would love to hear from you. 



Did you know that Chaga Mushroom Powder can help boost energy and at the same time give you cleaner teeth?




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