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ADVANCED NOURISHMENT WITH 8 AYURVEDIC SUPERFOODS: Unlike any Turmeric latte, Turmeric tea or Turmeric superfood, our Golden milk powder is made with 8 powerful superfoods including Organic Turmeric, KSM66 Ashwagandha, Coconut water powder, Cinnamon bark, Ginger, Black Pepper extract for bioavailability, Artichoke and Holy Basil leaves, our certified organic golden milk is a functional superfood that supports healthy joints, healthy stress response and promotes restful sleep.


DELICIOUS BLEND WITH A HINT OF VANILLA: Not only is our golden milk turmeric superfood blend full of nutrition but its also delicious. Add a serving to your smoothies, Turmeric latte, or Turmeric tea to make your favorite recipe healthier.

MANUFACTURED IN USA AT A GMP CERTIFIED FACILITY: Our Golden milk powder is certified organic, Non-GMO, and made without gluten, preservatives, and dairy. Teaveli’s golden milk is manufactured at a GMP certified facility in the USA.

KETO-FRIENDLY VEGAN AND NON-GMO GOLDEN MILK: Our Organic Golden Milk Powder is Keto friendly and vegan. Each bottle packs in 30 servings of Teaveli’s powerful golden milk blend that supports a healthy immune system*, healthy joints* and promotes restful sleep.

60 SECONDS IS ALL IT TAKES: Our Mission is to encourage and help our customers achieve their best definition of themselves with supplements that are simple to take, backed by earth and powered by modern science. Make your recipe nutritious and delicious by simply adding a scoop of our Teaveli’s organic golden milk powder to it.


TEAVELI PREMIUM GOLDEN TURMERIC MILK POWDER, fortified with advanced 8 Ayurvedic Superfoods, is an ELIXIR with extraordinary health benefits, completely organic and made without gluten, dairy, nuts, soy, and sugar. Teaveli's Golden Milk Powder supports a healthy immune system, joints, sleep and stimulates the production of antioxidant enzymes in our bodies. True to its name, Teaveli's Golden Milk Powder is the cleanest and most nutrient-dense golden milk. 

While turmeric and spices form the base of most Golden milk recipes, we have gone several steps ahead and fortified our recipe with advanced Ayurvedic Superfoods like KSM66 Ashwagandha, Holy Basil, Artichoke, Turmeric, Cinnamon, Ginger, and Black Pepper. 

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A little sweet, a little gritty, but very soothing!

This is only the second golden milk/latte powder I've tried. I had to give this one a few tries to get used to it, as my first one was suuuper sweet and also had a gingerbread flavor. I LOVE sweet drinks but I understand that's not necessarily the norm for golden milk mixes. After getting acclimated to the taste of this one, I really like it! It's of course got the signature turmeric taste with a little bit of cinnamon, and is just sweet enough that I didn't need to add anything to it. I don't care for the black pepper in it, but I believe I read that it helps with absorption? I mix mine with mostly water then add a little bit of milk to make it more like a latte. You do need to constantly stir it, as the spices tend to float towards the top. This blend, as the other one I tried, really helps me to relax at night and get a better night's sleep. My only complaint is that because of the spices and size the are ground to, the drink is very gritty, especially the first few sips when a lot of the spices are floating at the top. Overall I really like it though!

Not happy

I did not like the taste. It gave me digestive issues. Sorry Eleanor

Lisa M.
great product

great product, great tasting, easy to use. lived up to all it's promises. would definitely order again!

Iwona S.
Great product

I really like this product. Golden Milk Powder by Teaveli has a very good flavor. It�s not too bitter as some of the other brands I�ve tried. I like to add a scoop of Golden Milk to my morning shake or afternoon coffee. One person found this helpful

Full of Nutrients

I enjoy drinking this Organic turmeric superfood because of the health benefits it has on the body. It contains 8 powerful superfoods. It helps support my joint pain from a fall years back. I noticed my stress levels has suddenly changed in a good way. I felt more at ease at night going to bed. It taste bitter but it is good for you. The more you drink it the less bitter it becomes. I enjoy drinking it in my tea, smoothies, and Latte. I highly recommend it.

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