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5 Surprising Benefits of The Golden Milk

5 Surprising Benefits of The Golden Milk

Golden Milk was and will always be one of the most popular natural remedies for the simplest of problems that our body faces. To start with, let's look at the popularly known benefits of the golden milk.

  • Pain-relief: In traditional Asian medicine, the benefits of turmeric were long recognized and utilized during war injuries and regular sicknesses for recovery. Turmeric supports natural healing and has amazing effects whether applied externally or internally. This is the reason you see the constituent as turmeric in several of your cosmetics including face masks to healing creams.
  • Digestion Support: When there is a loss of appetite or some trouble with digestion, turmeric has always been known to be helpful. This is the reason why it is an active part of everyday Asian cuisine. Golden milk can support when a person feels bloated or acidic. Turmeric inherently helps in increasing the production of bile, which in turn increases fat digestion along with, of course, reducing bloating.
    • Natural sleep support: Turmeric supports lower blood sugar levels and reduces inflammation. A combination of this helps in better sleep. Of course, a recipe where turmeric is mixed with warm milk is a bonus. This is the primary reason why golden milk is used as a comforting drink during many illnesses like flu, injuries, cough and stomach pain to name a few.

     But we are here to tell you more. More than you knew or experienced so far.

    1. Improved metabolism: Turmeric is a very important detoxifying agent and this is the exact quality that supports improve metabolism in a big way. Improved metabolism means that your liver functions better and eliminates waste from your body. It supports increasing digestion and you are able to accumulate more energy from the food that you eat. All with a simple organic traditional golden milk drink.

    2. Skin rejuvenation: Even though drinking of turmeric milk benefits your skin, ideally it is a direct application of turmeric that has the best impact on the skin. Why else do you think that all your major cosmetic brands include turmeric in their creams and face masks? In traditional Indian and Chinese medicine, the direct application of turmeric has been part of many rituals including weddings and daily routines. Apart from cleansing the skin, turmeric can rid your skin of acne.

    3. Soothing throat: Turmeric milk when taken with some pepper added to it, can really help in recovering from a sore throat. Reason being the antibacterial nature of turmeric. The infectious agents that are stuck in your throat or respiratory system get cleared out with golden milk and this results in relief from sore throat and mucus. Even during the flu, it is a good idea to take golden milk since it has very strong antiviral properties. 

    4. Benefits in hypertension: Hypertension or high blood pressure has become a common problem these days. And the sad fact is that younger people are facing this problem. Not only does this affect the professional life but also personal. One of the beginning points is the part where your stamina starts failing you. Going up the stairs suddenly becomes a tedious and high adrenaline activity and leads to panting at the end. Turmeric contains curcumin which supports regulating angiotensin receptors, leading to freedom in blood flow through the blood vessels.

    5. Anti-aging: Research has proven that turmeric can help slow down the aging of the heart. So here, we are not talking about the superficial anti-aging aspects like lines on the face or how pink your cheek looks. This is a more internalized anti-aging aspect of a healthier heart and slower aging of it. The quality of curcumin that leads to this action is the antioxidation quality that it possesses. But of course, a good amount of exercise goes hand in hand with an increased dosage of turmeric in your diet.

    Hope this article helped you know what magic golden milk does to your body. Go ahead and share your experiences with us as well.




    Did you know that Golden Milk Powder has known to be the comfort drink of choice as per ancient Chinese and Indian medicine? 




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