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Trans Resveratrol Supplement- Superior Bioavailability with Micronized, 12 Hour Sustained Release

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UNLIKE STANDARD RESVERATROL, the benefits of TEAVELI’S RESVERATROL supplement are easier to reap. Our ADVANCED resveratrol supplement is a POWERFUL ANTI-AGING supplement. It’s formulated with MicroActive Resveratrol, a MICRONIZED 12-HOUR SUSTAINED RELEASE RESVERATROL COMPLEX that releases resveratrol in 12 hours. In studies MicroActive Resveratrol has shown up to 250% BETTER BIOAVAILABILITY THAN REGULAR RESVERATROL.

While MOST OTHER BRANDS OFFER A 2-CAPSULE HIGH DOSAGE FORMULA, our superior absorption and BIOAVAILABLE trans-resveratrol supplement formula offers HIGH EFFICACY AT LOW DOSAGES and convenience with an easy to swallow ONE CAPSULE PER DAY formula. Our Micronized, SUSTAINED-RELEASE MATRIX allows for better absorption and retention to support HEALTHY AGING*, CARDIOVASCULAR*, IMMUNE* AND HEART HEALTH*.

In studies, MICRONIZED RESVERATROL has demonstrated a SIGNIFICANTLY INCREASED ABSORPTION compared to standard resveratrol nutritional supplements. MicroActive Resveratrol increases absorption by promoting more EFFICIENT TRANSPORT THROUGH THE DIGESTIVE TRACK AND CELL WALLS.

Resveratrol is a known NAD supplement and NRF2 activator shown to increase NAD levels*. Our premium transresveratrol with 12 hour sustained release complex. It does not contain ABSORPTION ENHANCERS like Bioperine or black pepper extract that might, over time, increase the absorption of unwanted compounds that promote unhealthy inflammation.

SATISFIED OR YOUR MONEY BACK. Try our premium NAD supplement risk-free for 30 days. Each bottle of our trans-resveratrol supplement complies with our STRICT SAFETY STANDARDS, undergoing rigorous 3rd-party LAB TESTS for banned substances. All our products are manufactured in a GMP CERTIFIED facility. If, for any reason, you aren’t satisfied with your NAD and NRF2 activator supplement, we’re always here to help make it right.

Customer Reviews

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Unproven Efficacy but Satisfied, Not a Single Complaint!

The bottle arrived in good condition, and I must commend the unwavering quality that has remained consistent with every order I've placed.

Ver Good Supplemet

Since incorporating this resveratrol supplement into my daily routine, I have experienced a remarkable boost in focus. It's now a must-have in my daily routine!

Remarkable Enhancements: Witnessing Significant Progress

I have noticed significant enhancements in my overall well-being since starting this supplement. The capsules are easy to swallow, and I appreciate the fact that a single bottle lasts for an entire month!

Nice Product

Ever since I began incorporating this supplement into my routine, I have experienced a surge in energy levels and overall health. With just a single small capsule per day, I feel revitalized and ready to conquer the day!

Easy to Take Supplement

Taking just one capsule per day is incredibly convenient. I've been using this product for slightly over a week, and I can already observe noticeable changes. I'm highly satisfied with the results and will definitely continue purchasing this outstanding product.

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Trans Resveratrol Supplement- Superior Bioavailability with Micronized– Teaveli


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