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3 Reasons Why Your Green Superfood Supplement Is Not Working

3 Reasons Why Your Green Superfood Supplement Is Not Working

Have you ever wondered why some days your supplement works, but not the others? The same superfood supplement that used to work like a charm, has lost its effect now. Or the fact that you are not able to stay on a pill that is in fact, helping you.

Here are some common reasons why your green superfood supplement isn't working:

#1 Body has grown tolerant of the supplement

It’s possible that the boost you feel from your green superfood supplement is your new normal. Your body got used to it. The tolerance of the body increases with regular use of certain products or supplements. In this case, the revitalization that it gives you now is not as effective as it was before.

How to come out of this slump



One way to come out of this plateau is to revisit your routine. Are you eating, exercising, de-stressing and sleeping enough? Are you doing them at the right time? You might take in a handful of supplements but if your lifestyle is off the mark, nothing will be effective.

Another way would be to gradually grow into taking a supplement. The mistake many people make is that we start off taking a full serving. And before you realize, you might either start seeing some side effects or no effect at all. If you do end up getting into this situation, start over. Take the supplement in small servings and observe how it affects your body. Slowly grow into a full serving.


#2 Uninviting taste or smell


The taste and smell are bland or simply ungodly sometimes. In addition, even if you wanted to love the product what if you emanate a smell some time you consume it. It is not easy for your friends if you walk around smelling like fish every day.

How to make the taste enjoyable

bitter taste supplements


Remember – These supplements helped your allergies subside and made you wake up each day with lots more energy. Remind yourself of all the positive health benefits of the supplement you are taking. After that, you need to figure out ways to make this stuff palatable. One simple recommendation is to make it part of smoothies and health drinks. Easy to make and easy on your tongue. Other alternatives are to sprinkle it on food or consume it as capsules.

It also needs to be observed that the supplement will help you less if you are taking it around the time that you take your coffee. The revitalization from a stimulant is short-lived while the one from eating greens or smoothies is more sustainable.


#3 Poor quality supplement


It is possible that the quality of the product you use is deteriorating. Sometimes, with increasing popularity, brands may be tempted to bring out less effective or low-quality cheaper versions of the product.

How to ensure the right quality

local shops


It is important to resist this temptation if you want the best for your health. And of course, it is better to spend on supplements before getting a disease rather than medication later. If you are price sensitive, check out your local shops for the same supplements. Try different brands and go for the ones where the emphasis on quality and consistency is high when it comes to one's health.

It is also important that you go through the whole dosage before judging the quality of the supplement. It is possible that a supplement affects you slower because of your earlier medical history.


Hope this article was helpful to you. Leave us a comment on what you think.






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