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Pharma GABA – Fermented GABA Supplement – 60 Count | 250 mg per serving

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HIGH DOSAGE 250 MG PHARMA GABA: With a 250 mg high dose formula, Teaveli’s Pharma GABA uses a clinically proven dosage proven to support relaxation, cognitive health and focus. Unlike liposomal formulations with less than 50% GABA, our PharmaGABA supplement boasts of more than 80% content with more than 95% purity.

SUPPORTS* STRESS RELIEF AND LOGICAL THINKING: Unlike the 100 mg dosage of PharmaGABA ®, our 250mg high dosage formula has been proven to support logical thinking, working memory, vitality and sustained attention. PharmaGABA also supports restful sleep, long term memory and improved cognitive function.

HIGHLY BIOAVAILABLE FORMULA vs REGULAR GABA: PharmaGABA is natural GABA produced through lactobacillus fermentation. Regular GABA is known to have very low absorption and bioavailability. PharmaGABA is a highly bioavailable GABA delivering much better results as a result.

CLEANEST PHARMAGABA LABEL: Teaveli Pharma GABA supplement is non-GMO, vegan friendly, gluten free manufactured in a GMP certified facility in the USA. Our GABA capsules contain only natural excepients and do not contain ingredients like magnesium stearate.

MANUFACTURED IN USA: Your fermented GABA supplement is manufactured in a GMP certified plant in USA with PharmaGABA from PFI, Japan. Our GABA powder supplement is proven its safety and efficacy in trials. Every batch of all Teaveli products are tested for banned substances at a third party ISO Certified lab.

Customer Reviews

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Richard M.
Avoid synthetic Gaba!

This brand of Gaba, being natural and fermented, is the preferred type. Despite its higher cost compared to synthetically manufactured versions, the current pricing makes it a more economical choice. Additionally, its effectiveness adds to the rationale for continuing to purchase this brand.

Markos D
Excellent sleep aid

I've added this to my nightly supplement stack to improve my sleep quality and ensure deeper, more restful sleep. It's a must-have!

Dena White

This is effective, easy to take, and has no noticeable taste or smell. It appears to enhance relaxation and sleep.

Ryan Faria
Excellent alternative to my routine

I bought this UK-made supplement to replace or supplement my current stress management one, which contained GABA, L-Theanine, and other ingredients. My focus was on improving sleep quality, so I wanted more GABA and decided to cycle off Ashwagandha. The 200mg of L-Theanine in this supplement is an upgrade from my previous one. I've noticed improved sleep quality and REM sleep, as tracked by my Whoop, and I remember my dreams better. It’s competitively priced, and the EcoCert certification and UK manufacturing are reassuring. I'll continue using it.


Pharma GABA – Fermented GABA Supplement – 60 Count | 250 mg per serving

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Pharma GABA – Fermented GABA Supplement – 60 Count | 250 mg per servin– Teaveli


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