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Organic Lions Mane Mushroom Powder- 5.3 Ounces (150g)

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  • POTENT BRAIN SUPPLEMENT TO SUPPORT IMMUNE, MENTAL CLARITY & FOCUS: Whether you need to focus better at home, work or studies, our organic Lions mane extract powder with 25% Beta glucans can help. Popular as one of the most powerful nootropic superfood supplements, Teaveli Lion’s Mane mushroom supplement extract is a focus supplement to support mental clarity & cognitive function when taken on a continual basis.
  • ONLY FRUITING BODIES; NO FILLERS, GRAINS OR MYCELIUM: Our USDA certified organic Lion’s Mane Mushroom extract is pure and contains no mycelium, grains or fillers. Teaveli Lion’s mane powder is a nootropic superfood & brain fog supplement that can be used to make your own lion’s mane mushroom extract coffee. The product is allergen free, Non-GMO, Gluten free & Dairy free.
  • SUPPORTS STRESS & ANXIETY RELIEF, HIGHER BIOAVAILABIITY: Apart from being a natural brain fog supplement, brain supplement and a nootropic superfood, our organic Lions Mane extract helps protect your gut and keeps it healthy . Teaveli lion’s mane powder also supports a healthy inflammatory response and immune health.
  • ADD TO YOUR COFFEE & SMOOTHIES FOR A STEADY ENERGY BOOST: Add Teaveli's organic Lions Mane Mushroom powder to your coffee, bulletproof coffee or smoothies to make them healthier. You can also simply prepare lion’s mane mushroom coffee as an alternative to your regular coffee. It gives you the same energy boost without any caffeine.
  • 60 DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We support all our premium natural products with a 100% refund guarantee. Unlike the Lions mane mushroom capsules, our Lions mane mushroom extract is USDA certified organic. If by any chance, you are unhappy with your Teaveli product, write to us with your order number and we will issue a 100% refund

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Here is something you probably didn't know about Cordyceps


Cordyceps contains a major constituent called Cordycepin that has high anti-inflammatory properties. This property is what makes this fungus so good for the human heart. Evidence of Cordyceps contribution in treating several diseases is found in traditional Chinese Medicine.

Cordyceps mushroom extracts contribute to a significantly healthier heart. In fact, this fungus decreases the viscosity of blood while detoxifying the body and helps make blood thinner and also helps in keeping heart rhythm consistent. On the whole, Cordyceps can be one of the best organic solutions towards boosting heart health and in turn a better cardiovascular system.


The first benefit that strikes one's mind when someone talks about Cordyceps is its property of acting as lung and kidney buddy. Cordyceps is excellent for improving blood oxygenation. Since Cordyceps helps the lungs to expand and take in more oxygen, the increase in oxygenation of blood is nothing but natural. In several medicines, we find Cordyceps as a common ingredient. A big reason why many prefer Cordyceps supplement over pharmaceutical drugs is the fact that the impact of both are known to be similar while Cordyceps manages to simultaneously also avoid the undesired side effects that come typically along with artificial drugs.

In short, your respiratory system will thank you if you make it a part of your daily diet.

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Excellent product, great value

This is a little larger package of lion's mane powder and a much lighter color. It smells exactly the same as a batch I got from another brand that is a dark brown. It has this earthy chocolate scent, but it doesn't really have any chocolate flavor to it, and I can't anything when I mix it with coffee. Some people are more sensitive to flavors than others so you might taste this more than I do. I don''t recommend this in tea. You can probably mix it into a smoothie and not be bothered. If you look at my review history, you are going to see a lot of dumb typos, and it's because I take a migraine medication that makes me absolutely stupid. You'll also see me repeating words and phrases, and I do this in spoken conversations as well. I'll tell people the same things two or three times. Lion's mane cut down on a lot of that when I tried it, and you can tell when I haven't taken it. I feel like this is a lot more quantifiable and clear than me just sitting here saying no more brain fog. As for this brand, I didn't have any problems switching between this and the other lion's mane items I currently have, so for me, this is a winner and I will probably buy more. Taken consistently I notice a real difference. Five stars.

Do expect magic

I still eat a serving everyday. Not sure if it is helping me to fight some of my stomach problem. My stomach is ok these days. It might help.

Rancid smell, I had to throw it away, perhaps a bad batch?

It took weeks to arrive, when I opened the jar it had a rancid smell, I had to throw it away immediately, perhaps it was a bad batch or it came in contact with humidity during transit?

j. sistin
great for brain health!

I take Lion's Mane daily to repair my brain fro the damage done from MS. I've tried capsules, tinctures and powders. I like powders because they can be mixed with chocolate or coffee and it is easy to control the dose. I like that there are no fillers and it's organic. I don't mind the taste and my husband tolerates it, but I wouldn't call it pleasant. Chocolate hides the mushroom flavor well! Or you can add it to soups or other dishes. I also appreciate that this product suggests an appropriate dose, compared to other products.

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