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What sets us apart

What sets us apart

We at Teaveli have researched our market for over 15 months before finally launching and throwing our website open to our customers. Over the 15+ months of research, if there was  ONE point that repeated popped up, it was

  • That our customers were looking for a company that would stop selling its products and start offering experiences! The “wow” experience that could hardly be put into words and could only be captured in our premium and exceptional “wow” products

The relatively small niche of brands that do try to offer premium Tea and Teawares charge a super-premium price because there are several middle-men involved in the whole procurement process thus making themselves inaccessible to most customers.

A majority of our time was spent reaching out to the source of the products and leading to some very exclusive tie-ups with brands and small businesses. These tie-ups have helped us offer products that are either handmade (atleast partially), organic or exclusive to us. For example, our tie-up with Vahdam Teas of India who process exclusive blends for us has helped us launch signature blends like Earl Grey Jasmine Green Darjeeling Tea. Another exclusive tie-up has helped us design a Brass Teapot with a stainless steel infuser – a first time ever combination.

In return for all these efforts, all we request from our customers is their trust into us so we could continue to bring them the most exclusive teas, tea blends and teawares from across the world. One way of putting your trust into us is by writing to us with your feedback about what you liked and disliked about our products and also what new would you want to see us launching in coming days.

We are a small business and highly customer-centric. All feedbacks are taken very seriously and responded to within 48 hours of receiving.



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