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USDA Organic Chaga Mushroom Powder- 8 Ounces (226 grams)

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Chaga Mushrooms, naturally rich in antioxidants are known to support a healthy immune system. Chaga mushrooms are a known source of Betulinic acid, beta-glucans and enzymes. This incredibly powerful medicinal mushroom is highly sought after due to its phenomenal levels of antioxidants and healing properties.


Chagas are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that apart from supporting a healthy immune system, also support a boost in energy levels.


If you are someone who does not want to miss your regular coffee or tea, simply add your Chaga Mushroom powder to your regular tea and coffee. You can even add the Chaga tea to your smoothies, soups, and other recipes to make them healthier.


Our customers love adopting Chaga tea or Chaga coffee as an alternative to their regular coffee and tea. Use our Chaga powder to prepare Chaga tea and Chaga coffee with or without almond milk, coconut, or regular dairy milk.


We support all of our products with a 60-days 100% refund guarantee. Whether you are taking them for extensive nutritional support or to add to your green smoothie, we are sure you will love the product. If you are unhappy with your purchase, write to us with your order number to get a refund.

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Dena W.
United States United States
love the chaga tea!

when i first began to use chaga mushroom i went with the supplements because of its ease of taking. however after several months of use i wasn't sure about the health benefits and did more research. that's when i found out that the unprocessed tea is the best way to absorb all of the chaga's nutrients. well it's not long enough for me to testify its health benefits but i can 100% testify that i love this tea. actually all of the family members fall in love with this chaga tea the first time i brewed for them. it's such a pleasant treat and "happy hour" to brew and drink chaga tea every day, the way to brew it is pretty much the same way to brew coffee. i used to drink coffee every day. this tea is so satisfying that i naturally forgot to drink coffee on most of the days now. even the 2nd brew of one tea spoon of chaga tea still tastes very rich. sometimes i even brew it the 3rd time. i'm just so grateful for an open mind that allows me to discover new ways to get more healthy. thank you Teaveli for making such a beautiful natural product! many blessings to all!

Cannot tolerate cofee but tolerate this

I cannot tolerate coffee, but I can tolerate this!! Keeps me up and going for my 12 hour shifts at the hospital.

Dwayne N.
Great product

I'm impressed with the feeling I get from this tea ;) I like it in my smoothie as well.

Work well on joints

Awesome product !!

Amazon C.
This is great!

I feel energized yet calmer and happier. I�m in my golden years and feel my thought process is quicker. I stir this into my morning cup of (hot) coffee along with stevia and a bit of organic half n� Half. I really like the flavor and I notice the flavor of an occasional second cup of coffee is not as smooth and yummy as the cup with this Lion�s Mane. The true test will be when I start addIng this lion�s mane to my husband�s coffee. I wonder if he will remember Anything we�ve talked about or that we�ve Already Seen the TV show/movie he thinks is a new show?? Ladies....whatcha think? Just a guy brain thing?

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  • Which countries are these chagas sourced from?

    Our chaga mushrooms are picked in the Laurentians, cleanest forest left in North America. These are picked from live trees 8 feet or higher and there are no contaminants. The chagas are then dried on cedar planks in a state of the art drying chamber. The chagas are powdered in their raw form without any processing to retain their nutrients.

Wild Harvested Chaga Mushroom Powder Supports Healthy Immune System– Teaveli


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