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Recipe : Almond Golden Milk Latte

Recipe : Almond Golden Milk Latte

        I am back with another Golden Milk recipe for you guys today. If you have not included turmeric milk in your daily diet yet then I bet this recipe can convince you. It is simple but an instant energy booster. Turmeric, in general, is known to boost the healing of cells in the body and improve immunity. When taken in the nights before sleep, it aids in the quality and length of sleep every night after night. Needless to say that this healing quality has been the reason why it has become such an indispensable ingredient in so many cosmetic products as well. So today I introduce to you the magic of Almond with Golden Milk and Coffee combined. 

With some coffee espresso shot, this light coffee becomes really strong on energy and provides the detoxification that is needed at the start of your day. Even without the espresso in it, it is a great midday drink for a quick boost. Pick up our Teaveli Golden Milk supplement which has the very much needed turmeric powder with a pinch of pepper to help you absorb the turmeric in the body.

What you need:

  • 1/2 tsp. of the glorious Teaveli Golden milk powder
  • 8 ounces of aromatic condensed almond milk
  • 1 espresso coffee shot or any other coffee base you like, optional
  • finely grated almond pieces
  • finely grated turmeric

How to make it:

Mix and heat the almond milk and golden milk powder in a pan till it boils and froth comes out like the lovely clouds in the sky. Add this to a cup that contains your favorite coffee shot and sprinkle finely grated almond and fresh turmeric for a garnish on top.

Preparing the almond milk:
Soak a handful of almonds in water with a little salt for a few hours. Remove water and blend his with half a glass of water and 2 dates. Filter out the almond part after blending. Put it in the fridge for 2 days.

Don't forget to share your variations of Lattes with Golden milk with us. 



Did you know that Golden Milk Powder has known to be the comfort drink of choice as per ancient Chinese and Indian medicine? 




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