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Super Quick Recipes for Anyone on a Keto Diet

Super Quick Recipes for Anyone on a Keto Diet

It is easy to pick up a diet with a fancy name or decide to change your daily nutrition. But it is tough to implement it. Unless you put some due diligence into making it a lifestyle. We are here to make your work easy. If you are a follower of Keto diet or simply a fan of MCT oil powder, you will love this. So here go some super quick recipes that you should know.


mct powder lemonade


  • 2 tbsp Strawberry juice
  • 2 tbsp Lemon juice
  • 2 glasses of water
  • 2 tbsp Stevia leaves powder
  • 1 serving of Teaveli MCT oil powder


  • Mix lemon juice and water and refrigerate for an hour.
  • In keto diets, Stevia leaves powder is the recommended sweetener if at all a sweetener is required. 1 tbsp of that can be added to a glass of this lemonade. (Optional)
  • Now add Strawberry juice to bring the characteristic pink color to the pink lemonade and another glass of water. Always prefer natural food coloring through Strawberry or cranberry over food dyes.
  • Add MCT oil powder in the end and garnish with a lemon slice if required. Perfect drink for a lazy Sunday afternoon.


  Stevia leaves are highly recommended for patients who are either suffering from or vulnerable to Diabetes. It is a sweet-tasting herb without the risky high content of starch in sugar. Apart from the benefits of being a zero-calorie sweetener, Stevia leaves support steady energy as opposed to the spiked rush of energy provided by sugar. Remember how you feel after any of the sugar-rich aerated drinks go down your body. The icing on the cake: Stevia is also a good antibacterial herb for the body.


berry smoothie



  • Put the ingredients together and whisk until you get a paste-like texture.
  • This can be an ideal energizing after workout smoothie.
  • Alternately, Watermelon can also be added for the keto friendly element in it.
  • A few Mint leaves can be a used as a garnish
  • For a dash of contrast in taste, try small pieces of Pistachio as topping to the smoothie.


  Watermelon contains negligible carb content. Watermelon has a minimal-carb content of 8%. For the ones who are targeting for <20gms per day Keto low-carb diet, this fruit can be a lifesaver. Also, it can provide the sweetness that one craves during keto diets. Berries that are part of this recipe are the most popular choice of Keto diet followers due to its low carb content. Strawberry, for instance, has the same carb content as Watermelon(8%).


oats breakfast



  • Boil Oats along with Almond milk for about 10 minutes on low to medium flame.
  • Take it off the flame and add MCT oil powder to it.
  • Garnish with some almond bits, cinnamon, and dried cherries.
  • Let it cool before having it. The cooling time also helps the oats absorb the milk.
  • Enjoy it as a wholesome breakfast.


  Ideally, the keto diet is sans any carbohydrates. But in this case, we use a whole-grain oatmeal alternative to keep it low-carb. Oatmeal is both fiber and protein-rich which means you will feel full and satiated post this wholesome breakfast. There is a reason why Almond milk is used in the recipe. Almond is a great non-diary alternative to regular milk. Feel free to replace Almond milk with coconut milk.

What are some of your favorite super quick recipes? Please comment and let us know.



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