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Is Kombucha's Health Benefits Worth All The Hype Around It?

Is Kombucha's Health Benefits Worth All The Hype Around It?

       Green teas, Chai teas, and the likes are some of the popular Tea variations that have made their way into most of the kitchens these days. But have you tried Kombucha Tea yet?  Kombucha or as the Chinese call it, the "Immortal Health Elixir" is a fermented sweetened tea. Kombucha Teas taste best when prepared with First flush organic Black Teas that have no added flavors or ingredients. To know whether it's worth the effort to brew a Kombucha, here are a few benefits to keep in mind:

How it aids digestion

The Kombucha tea is naturally a probiotic since it goes through the fermentation process in its preparation from the black tea and cane sugar. After such fermentation, kombucha produces contains vinegar, vitamins, enzymes, high probiotics, and acids, which end up improving digestion in a big way. The tea in it supports in detoxification while the yeast used for fermentation helps in digesting in turn cleansing the body system. Overall the immunity of the body may receive an incredible push with this tea. Here is a picture of bottled kombucha made from fresh first flush tea and cane sugar...


bottled kombucha 

Cancer Prevention

The reason that Kombucha was called as the Elixir is that the natives of China and Russia had observed and noted many years ago that their countries are receiving huge benefits from this tea. For instance, Russian scientists concluded that Kombucha tea was the reason why most regions in their country were immune to cancer.  Kombucha is called "tea kvass" in Russia and "kombu" in parts of Japan. Whatever the name maybe but the method of preparation is similar to the fermentation of tea and sugar together with yeast. This tea has been found to give similar benefits across these regions.

Weight Loss

"Scoby" is the yeast that is used in making Kombucha teas. This Scoby leads to the kombucha tea-producing acetic acid in its fermentation. In a 2005 study kombucha tea was found to help metabolism and limit the gathering of fat in the body. No wonder that weight loss is known to be achieved by having kombucha because of its richness in acetic acid and enzymes. If you are planning on taking this tea regularly then it can prove expensive to buy it outside. It's a better idea to buy Scoby discs and make your kombucha with the tea flavor that you love as the base of it. And hey why not add some blueberries while you are at it, gives your kombucha a fresh twist as well.




If you are still not convinced whether to use a bottled tea or not, the only way to get to know about it is ....what else...give it a try. President Reagan would agree with you, given that he took it daily when he was battling his stomach cancer.

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