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Take Supplements As Capsules or Powder?

Take Supplements As Capsules or Powder?

When going for a form of supplement, there are so many options in today's day. Some say powder form is the best, others say capsule and sometimes the supplements are available in liquid or gel form as well. For the purpose of this article, we will be getting into the powder or capsule debate. 

How does a capsule work?

capsule supplement

Time-release concept in capsules

Taking supplements in a capsule form is effective, especially due to their slow release to the body. Some parts of a powdered supplement that has the active ingredients may get destroyed by the stomach acid while it is taken with a liquid. But by the time a capsule reaches your gut, the gelatin cover has taken a short time to get dissolved and the active ingredients have passed through to the body with the sustainable time-release concept.

A time-release capsule refers to the technology to release the active ingredients slowly into the body in small amounts over a period. The controlled release prevents any unwanted reactions. The slow dissolving feature of capsules makes them more potent and sustainable in the body.

Tolerable taste

Capsules have the luxury to be transported easily. You know the exact quantity that you are consuming and you can plan to carry the number of capsules accordingly. And getting some water to drink with it is easier than the facility to make a full-blown smoothie for a powdered supplement. You would not have to bother about something to mix capsule with, simply because the taste is bearable. In fact, you just pop it in the mouth and swallow within a matter of seconds without bothering to taste it. This makes the capsules more inviting compared to the often tasteless or poor-tasting powdered form. 


How does the powder form work?

powder supplement

Does not feel like medicine

A powder can be added to smoothies easily as if it is a drink mix. It can easily become part of your daily routine. And the best part is that you don't feel like it is medicine. If you have to take it directly though, the taste is often not very inviting. A powder can be taken only when its at least neutral in taste. 

What if you could turn capsules to powders? Do you need to open up the capsule to better consume the active ingredients with water? The answer is, not really. Every Capsule has some excipients, that help them flow through the manufacturing machines better. You might get a taste of it while consuming it as a powder. It does not increase the absorption though. The only difference is going to be those few minutes that the capsule gelatin cover needs for breaking down.

Quick absorption

When you swallow a pill or capsule, it needs to breakdown while powder is already absorbable. The capsule is not directly ready for absorption. In the small intestine, the powder will start getting updated right away and make it to the bloodstream in more volume in a shorter time compared to a capsule. As a result, you can take a bigger size of serving when it comes to powdered supplements. The quantity that comes with each capsule is only a certain fixed one. But with powder, you can play around with the quantity that you mixed in your smoothie. Depending on the taste of the smoothie you choose to make, the powder may end up being a more inviting taste drink option compared to a capsule which is often tasteless. 

No choice is right or wrong, it is about which format suits you better.


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