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Use these simple tricks to detoxify at home

Use these simple tricks to detoxify at home

Ever wondered how much time each one of us spends to cleanse our bodies and our house every day. But what we forget is that cleansing is equally important from the inside. Here I want to share with you some simple tricks that can help you detoxify your body and your mind.

Salted Bath:

Start with the exterior first. Our skin needs deep cleansing and detoxifying because it's exposed to everyday pollution. Get some bath salts and soak yourself in the salted water for about half an hour. Use the roses or other flowers to add some aroma and let your skin release all toxins.

Lemon Mornings:

Your dishwashing liquid has lemons, your detergent has lemons in it, your soap has lemons in it. Get the hint? Not yet? Lemons are great for cleansing. Lemons contain citric acid that may help remove stains and cleans deeply. Similarly, when included in your diet, it not only adds a charming flavor but also supports detoxification of your body when taken with warm water on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. If you're a fan of green tea, why not make it a lemon tea instead. You get the antioxidants from tea and the detoxification from the lemon at the same time. 

Hair worship:

My mother always says that warm water and oil have the capability to treat any disease. If it was an external injury she would massage us kids with oil and if it was an internal sickness she would make us drink gallons of warm water. And it did work almost every time for smaller sicknesses. Now why I am telling you this traditional remedy? Because your hair needs a combination of this remedy to detoxify. Apply 1 Tablespoon of olive oil or coconut oil with a mix of 2 drops of essential citrus oil and leave it for some time. Massage your scalp and then wash your hair with warm water for the best results.

Hope this blog helped you and stimulated some ideas in you for better detoxification.

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