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The Best Tip You Could Ever Get About Keto Diet

The Best Tip You Could Ever Get About Keto Diet

It is now a well-known fact that a ketogenic diet is a low carb, moderate protein, and a high-fat diet. Whether you have embarked on the keto journey for weight loss, better health or better athletic performance, these couple of tips are a must to try. While we recommend you take your nutritionist’s opinion before starting your ketogenic diet, here are two very important tips to keep in mind while being on Ketogenic diets:

Stay hydrated :


During the Keto diet, there is increased water excretion. This makes you feel thirsty and has a dry mouth often. It's obvious since the urination is on the rise. Because you eat lesser carbs, the body starts using up the stored resources of glycogen. Eventually, the goal is for the body to start burning fat instead of glucose. That is when you have achieved the ultimate benefit of a keto diet. Until then, keep an eye on your hydration. When you experience higher urination, start compensating with more water.

Staying hydrated is one of the most important but frequently ignored parts of the Ketogenic diet. Often keto flu is a result of the body not getting used to this increased loss of water during Keto diet. Try and consume at least 32 FL OZ of water within an hour of waking up and another 32 FL OZ before noon. A simple to follow practice will be to drink closer or slightly more than your full body weight in ounces of water DAILY depending on the season. Higher consumption is recommended in summer seasons. So, if your body weight is 150 pounds, aim to drink 150-165 ounces of water every day.

Use MCT Oil (powder) regularly:

mct oil powder

Medium Chain Triglycerides are a great source of healthy fats and easy to digest. MCT is the kind of fat that gets converted to ketones instantly by going directly from gut to liver. These ketones are created by the liver by breaking down all the fat. Ketones can then boost energy in the body, especially the brain immediately. The quick conversion of MCT to ketones helps the body in accessing burnt fat before glucose. As a result, you feel lighter and it may support weight loss. Many Endurance athletes swear by the benefits of MCT in their workouts and challenges. 

MCTs are mostly missing from standard diets largely because of the belief that any form of fat is not good for health. MCT Oil powder is the perfect ketogenic fuel because the Medium Chain Fatty Acids found in them are a good source of healthy and clean energy. Unlike the long chain fatty acids found in plant-based oils, MCT oil powders are:

  • Easy to digest
  • Antimicrobial
  • Antifungal
  • Easily processed by the liver and hence readily available in the form of energy instead of being stored as fat.
  • Portable and do not create a mess like its counterpart MCT Oil

We will come back with more tips on the Keto diet soon. Leave us a comment as to what keeps you going on a keto diet? And share any tips that make your journey smoother.



Did you know that MCT Oil Powder can help you lose weight by simply getting converted to Ketones that can boost energy and teach the body to burn fat before glucose? 




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