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Low Energy Levels At Gym Worry You? Cordycep Mushrooms Could Be The Solution

Low Energy Levels At Gym Worry You? Cordycep Mushrooms Could Be The Solution

What if we told you that there is a magical organic source that energizes your body and relaxes your breathing at the same time? A source that can boost your athletic speed and endurance beyond your current limits at the gym?

This source has zero side effects and is absolutely organically grown. This blog will tell you in detail about this energizing source called the “Magic Mushroom”. Stick until the end because a bonus awaits you. 

What happened to me at the gym today?

There is no fitness freak who hasn’t gone through a weak phase. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, there are always times when you struggle with your workouts; especially in terms of energy levels. Have you seen days when you are highly motivated and your adrenaline is pumping but you are not able to do things that others are able to do fairly easily?

Even if you are able to do your workout, somehow the workout doesn’t last long enough. It forces us to ask the question - “What's wrong with me at the gym today?”. It has to do with mental stress or sometimes sleep. But more often than not, it has to do with our nutrition. When you want to do more at the gym today, you can’t continue to eat the same thing that you ate until yesterday. You have to find proteins and you have to find the nutrition that supports endurance more and more. 

“You can’t keep doing the same things, and expect a different result.”


The evolution of the record breakers

Ever wondered how today’s athletes are breaking records one after the other. Is it that the human race is become more and more physically evolved? Is it the increased amount of training infrastructure, artificial strength inducers or simply a biological evolution of the human body and mind that has been leading to this? Take the example of the fastest runners in the world. Kenyan long-distance runner, Eliud Kipchoge ran the Berlin 2017 Marathon of 42km in 2.03hrs. The illicit fight for running a 2hr marathon was missed by just 3 minutes. A few decades before, no one would have thought that this is even humanly possible.

There is no single answer to this. But yes, there is no denying the role that nutrition has to play in all this. Advances in science and a huge amount of research have come down to tell us something that in some sense, we always knew. It has come down to suggest that the more organic we keep our diet and the more natural remedies that we apply, the better it is for our bodies. The way basil fights the bacteria in our body, tea leaves encourage detoxification and a simple golden turmeric drink heals our body, are all secrets known to mankind since ages. Ancient Chinese medicine and Indian Ayurveda have been listing the benefits of these remedies for hundreds of years.



Why Cordyceps is the answer to low energy levels

Here are a few reasons why Cordyceps should be incorporated into your daily nutrition, especially when you are looking for more stamina and endurance in your gym workouts or any sports that you play. 

1. Elevates Endurance 

This article or any other that you might read about Cordyceps cannot end without a mention of the story of the Chinese runners. When the coach revealed Cordyceps to be the biggest secret behind the success of multiple Chinese endurance runners in 1993 Olympics, the whole world was taken back. There was enough reason to be shocked. To start with, not one but 3 world records were broken by the Chinese runners in 1993 Olympics. Wang Junxia noticeably set a record of completing a marathon in just 2:24:07 time. This was followed by multiple record-breaking runs in the following years by her. The Chinese National Games was shaken by her consistency and the sheer inhuman levels of fitness.

How can something so simple and organic benefit the runners in such a big way? Guess what? This is how nature works. The more you process the food, the more the nutrition gets lost. If you have to use a supplement, then ensure that it is the closest to the organically produced version of it. 

“Ensure to check that the ingredient list on any packaged item that you buy, is short. Why short? Because the shorter the list of ingredients, the cleaner the product is.” 

To give a better picture of why the 1993 Olympics were such a breakthrough for the Chinese camp, here is a list of the top performers in women's running:

1500 m Chinese winners:
       Gold - Liu Dong - 4:00.50
3000 m Chinese winners:
       Gold - Qu Yunxia  - 8:28.71CR
       Silver - Zhang Linli  - 8:29.25
       Bronze - Zhang Lirong - 8:31.95
10,000 m Chinese winners:
       Gold - Wang Junxia - 30:49.30
       Silver - Zhong Huandi - 31:12.55

2. Boosts Testosterone

Testosterone, found predominantly in men, is a major hormone that helps in the growth of muscles and sometimes promoting reproductive capacity. Researchers have proven that the Leydig cells have been boosted by increased T levels in male animals. For the gym-goers, often one of the targets is to become more muscular. This becomes a target only second to the infamous “weight-loss” target.

The higher the T levels in men, the more the feeling of well-being and high energy. A cordyceps supplement supports better latency in sub-fertile males. Though most studies have been done on animals and not humans, Chinese medicine included Cordyceps for better fertility for centuries. 

“So, the magic mushroom that this is known to be, goes beyond the support for endurance in sports. It can also support your sex life.” 

3. Maximizes ATP

Adenosine triphosphate or ATP is the method that our body uses to store and utilize energy. It is known that the more weight you lift, the better you are at the on-field performance. Cordyceps may trigger an increase in ATP, in a way that the powerpack movements in your workouts are supported best. Muscle stimulation is triggered and supported by Cordyceps in a big way. 

"With the increase in ATP, the weight lifting capacity increases which directly leads to better court performance."

Though the Chinese athletes said that they used to take their Cordyceps supplements post-training, there are quite a few runners and athletes who rave about the benefits of taking some Cordyceps before a workout. This magic mushroom, scientifically known as the Cordyceps-Sinensis may facilitate the delivery of oxygen to the working tissue in the body. So much so that the Tibetan Sherpas claim that drinking Cordyceps tea helps them reduce the supplementation of oxygen during Everest climb. This, in turn, helps reduce fatigue and low mood. Another reason why Cordyceps is worth adding to the daily diet is this very quality of increasing vitality in the body. 

4. Lowers heart rate

More often than not, a lower heart rate helps an athlete or a workoutholic to keep going longer and stronger. Makes you think of your tough jumping jacks or the skip-ropes, isn't it? Since Cordyceps help in correcting Cardiac Arrhythmia i.e., irregular heartbeats, it ends up optimizing heart performance. By optimization, it means that the athlete could then breathe normally with a lowered heartbeat pace and with increased stamina to keep going longer. In 1999, the Journal of Alternative Complementary Medicine mentioned that cordyceps' consumption could aid in long-term better cardiovascular health, also confirming that it can lower cholesterol levels by 10-20 percent and increase HDL by almost 25%. 


Wow! Glad you made it until the end of this blog. I hope it was helpful and inspires you in a direction that gets your energy levels higher. So, now, coming to the bonus that we promised. After you have worked on your energy level, its now time to work on a clearer and shinier skin. Read our most popular blog on this topic by clicking here.



Did you know that Cordyceps Mushroom has been used by Russian athletes to help boost energy before endurance sports?




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