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5 Reasons Why You Should Switch To A Loose Leaf Tea

5 Reasons Why You Should Switch To A Loose Leaf Tea

If you are not a tea lover, this post is for you. If you are already a tea lover, this post is for you to be aware of reasons to switch to loose leaves in particular. So let’s dive straight into the top reasons to try loose leaf tea.

1. More Flavor

Traditionally in India, tea has been made out of loose leaves. The teabags is a concept derived from the western culture. Indians have always been aware of the benefits of loose tea in terms of the flavor specially. Using a sieve to filter out the leaves of the tea powder is considered smarter than cooking it completely in a sieved bag. Using the leaves directly gives the best possible essence because the taste is still in its natural form. Turning it into powder or bag means that the leaves have to processed which in turn takes away a lot of flavor from it.

loose tea

2. More Concentrated Nutrients

Ever heard of tea being stored like wine? No. That’s because it has a pretty little shelf life. The highest quality tea is considered to have plucked directly from the tea gardens and packed right there with the least amount of processing. The famous flavenoid “Catechin” will get eroded as and when the freshness erodes. Especially with more time and more processing and more storage. The most important benefit of tea is its anti-oxidation. The teabags tend to highly reduce the antioxidants by observing them out.

3. Better Dental Hygiene

Ever noticed how tea brewed without milk in plain simple hot water may help shine the teeth. I have seen it in my personal experience. Over a period of time, tea supports the whitening of the teeth given that you brew it without the typical milk and avoid the teabags. Give loose tea leaves a chance and you see the sharper benefits. Heck, even the leftover tea can be reused to wash hair and that’s considered to give your hair a better shine.

4. The Natural Aroma

The light green leaves give out a more fresh and green aroma when brewed against the bitter and smoky smell that comes out of the processed tea powders. The pesticides and the chemicals used in processed tea may also do a lot of damage to its taste and smell. Keep it organic and keep it green to smell the real aroma of tea. Loose leaves can’t always guarantee freshness if they are not from a good brand but if you check the light green color of the leaves or go for Darjeeling tea versions and assure a lightness then you are very close to a perfect tea.

drinking tea

5. More Immunity

Tea may not only be support losing weight but it might also keep you off some infamous diseases by increasing your immunity. The benefits sometimes include slowing down of cancer growth, protection against UV damage and triggering of natural detoxification. Drinking loose leaf tea especially is known for the increased detoxification. How do you expect a chemical and pesticide-ridden tea to detoxify you effectively? The more organic your tea, the better the detoxification. Here is one recommended organic green tea for your taste buds:

ice tea

 I promised 5 reasons to switch to loose leaf tea but here is a bonus to you for reading this whole post.

A quick recipe to brew loose leaf iced tea:

  • Use twice the amount of tea leaves as you would for hot tea. Say 3 tbsp for 3 cups of iced tea.
  • Boil it in hot water and add sugar if needed.
  • After the tea is boiled and cooled to normal. Steep the leaves out and squeeze half a lemon in it.
  • Cool it in a refrigerator or serve with ice in it. And that’s your loose leaf iced tea.

Thanks for reading through. Please leave your comments on your personal beverage choices towards a healthier and positive lifestyle. Follow this blog for more.

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