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5 Healthy fats you should try for better mental performance

5 Healthy fats you should try for better mental performance

Saturated fats have been misunderstood to be the criminals that create cholesterol in the body and also clog the arteries. The sources are often highly saturated fats from animal meat or dairy products. Researchers have proved that intake of 'bad' saturated and trans fats does affect memory and brain function in a way that the body becomes sluggish and the memory starts failing you often.

But we are here to break this myth. Cutting out fat completely from your diet is not only childish but it can have multiple unhealthy consequences. It is important that we retain the 'good' and healthy fats in our everyday diet. Here are some saturated fats that are good for you and are in fact great brain function boosters.

Grass-fed Butter:

When the butter looks white and waxy, the chances are that the cow that produced this had an ordinary diet. If Grass was what they were fed, then the butter would be yellow and nourishing looking. By nourishing we mean the glossy yellow kind. Butter is inherently just fat from milk containing 400 different fatty acids. These acids are present in higher quantity in the grass-fed cow butter rather than grain-fed ones. This is the primary reason why butter supports reducing heart disease risks and increasing brain function.

Pastured eggs:

Pasture-raised chicken and eggs category are coming up recently. What it refers to is that the chicken was raised by feeding on pasture. In the green fields, it gets good nutrition likes seeds and grubs. Chicken fed on poor nutrition will produce eggs that are weak and easily cracked. The pastured eggs are much harder and denser inside too. You can find these pastured eggs with your local farmers. Local farmers let their chicken out in the open pastures and let them eat all the bugs, seeds and grass that they find while running around in the sun. This method is closest to the chicken's natural appetite and hence produces the best kind of eggs with lots and lots of healthy saturated fats to boost your brain.

Dark Chocolate:

There are plenty of very good dark chocolates available on the market. Especially the ones that are 70% cocoa or more. Very little or no sugar would be best to have. The antioxidants and anti-inflammatory quality of dark chocolate are what makes it highly beneficial for brain function. The improvement in blood flow to the brain that they induce, goes a long way in the helping memory. Sometimes broken-down pieces of this chocolate could be had with milk as a chocolate milkshake. It tastes better this way and has added benefits of milk as well.

Coconut oil:

Coconut oil is something that has huge natural saturated fat content but is known to not increase cholesterol in the body at all or for that matter not even clog arteries in any way. In traditional Asian medicine from India and China, coconut oil has been used extensively in almost all remedies. It destroys bad bacteria from the gut and suppresses inflammation-inducing cells. Apart from adding it to your daily salads, curries or meals, one good way of incorporating coconut oil into your everyday diet is to include it in the sauces that you make.

MCT oil

Medium Chain triglycerides break down into ketones which is basically fuel to the brain. Even though coconut oil does contain MCT, it is better to have a direct source of MCT oil because it might be 4 times stronger than consuming coconut oil. This form of consumption helps in absorbing more of the concentrated healthy fat and is sustainable for the body as well. When you are on a ketogenic diet, MCT can be a great source of saturated fat which in fact acts like carbohydrates in the body due to their immediate energy boosting quality. This is the quality that boosts brain function as well.

60% of our brain is fat and so it is not a shock that highly saturated fat-rich food give a tremendous boost to it. Share your experience with us if you have tried any of these healthy fats in your keto diet or perhaps a regular diet as well.




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